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Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Blogs are introduced into the internet for a few years now. But most people are not sure what is a blog exactly.

A blog is like an online diary of a person. Blogs can be used to put opinion, thought, sales messages, promotions, product announcement,tips. Anything you can think of can be written in a blog. Even pictures, audio and video.

Google owns the most popular blog company
Also google owns a search features, specially for receiving searches from blogs at
A properly structured blog can do wonders for your marketing effort. Since people are able to reply to your blog messages, thus you can create discussion online with your target market.
Thus you can soft sell your products more easily due to the trust factor blog creates.

A mistake made by some marketers is that they do not make their blog properly. A poorly written blog deliver the wrong message.

Search Engine Optimisation For Blogs

A major advantage of using blogs is that search engine loves blogs more to index than a website.
This is because there are many blogs which are updated regularly.
Here are some tips for search engine optimisation for blogs:

Simple Content

Most marketers believe that you can optimize your blog for search engines be keeping the content simple. You can choose one quality content topic for your blog and make it your base.

Put Up More

The more content you put in your blog, the more search engine friendly it is.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

If you submit your blog to search engines, although it can take a while, but if they list your site, you will see a large increase in traffic.

Use Keywords For Search Engines

Identify the most popular keyword, and adjust them with your blog template.

This is how it can be done for
Log in to your blogger account. Go to the template and identify the <$BlogMetaData$> tab.

Above this add the following:

for meta tag for keywords use "A,B,C,D".

For meta tag for description , use "X,Y,Z".

Replace A,B,C,D with your choice of keywords.

Replace X,Y,Z with your description.

Also make the <$blogpagetitle$> tag relevant to the title of your topic.
Then save the template changes.

Daily Updates

For best optimisation, you should update it daily at the least.
The more often you update it, the more search engines will list your blog.
Blogger from Google can create inbuilt RSS feeds for your posts for upgraded version of blogger).

How to get your blog noticed quickly?

After creation of your blog, submit it to





Get the RSS feeds of your blog and submit it to RSS feed submission directories.
Post remarks to other blogs those match the theme of your blog and add the blog Url in your signature.
Use to post your blog to top 14 search engines.
There are over 3 million blogs online. However only a tiny percentage is used to increase sales traffic.


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