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Selasa, 01 Februari 2011
If talking and watching developments in Indonesian business ebook seems to have no end, can be likened to death one grows 2.3 until 1000. Of the more widespread offers online business ebooks are definitely some internet users / potential buyers will increasingly confused myself buying choices where appropriate, correct and good for them, not to mention the added doubt to the negative issues about some of the e-book on the market.

I'm sure as the world pekembangan internet marketing and online business in Indonesia as a beginner we thought would grow too, because the process is what makes us more intelligent and can sort out which product is profitable and harming business.

Back main problem, I asked to you, what your primary goal ebook buy a business?

* Would just like to simply become an affiliate / reseller by taking advantage of every sale through your affiliate link?
* What to look for references to the study, additional information is needed, teachers, guidance, community?
* Or want to get rich quick by buying the ebook.?

Well if your intentions last of the questions I mentioned above, better aja dech exit from free online business blog is ...! because it was useless this article was written when read as a freak * hue.

Hopefully you are not one of those strange people * yah ..? hehe,, go .. Yup!

Here Just Before Buying Tips Ebook Business Online For Beginners:

1.Interests And Needs
Find e-books as your needs and interests, did not have to type e-book business, ebooks what you think is useful and helpful. Do not easily Distracted by offering bonuses other products. Stay focus on the original purpose of your intention to buy e-books.

2.Main Content
When you visit a site / web sales, refer to the subject matter discussed in the bisnet ebook. Have accordance with the criteria you wish or not?

3. Ebook quality
Find out as much as on the Internet through search engines like google. About the responses of people about the quality of the product / ebook is. With so much information obtained calculate the percentage. So the logic of the many responses, how many percent said good and not. If 70% of all e-books stated that bisnin useful for them or really good quality and in line with expectations. It seems reasonable to you try / buy.

4. Builder Ebook.
same as No. 3 search more info! but my advice is better to buy e-books business with people who have long wrestle internet marketing world and has been successful before, so the risk can be minimized to be deceived. Although not close the possibility still can be fooled. :). (again talking logic .. there was no attempt to survive long if not correct / cheating.)

5. Member.
actually I like this personal approach I suggested to you before purchasing a business ebook. Suppose one of them has a blog / site, you can approach the admin blog by sending an email or directly better ask through YM. Find someone with whom you think berdikusi and appropriate. Try more than two people as a comparison.

6. Service.
If No.3-5 has been applied also note the service of their service, how the service after becoming a member, whether satisfactory and true? what can really guide you. Because as long as there are still some I have heard complaints from members about the lack-given service satisfaction. In a sense after a payment transaction business ebook, then you are told to go ignored his own alias.

Perhaps the above tips can help you to think before buying a business ebook .. Hopefully Helpful ..!!!


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