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Rabu, 09 Desember 2009
This method is particularly affiliate for a web site "content-driven", but basically the concept of affiliate marketing can be applied more widely not only that.

Affiliate marketing can be applied to three business models, namely;

1. Gives the Commission the sale of products in-refer
2. Provides the commission for having to refer a number of prospects regardless of their purchase or not (with the first purpose built "brand" only)
3. Commission for having to refer some people to "subscribe" to Opt-In your list.

Let us start first if this affiliate marketing method is applied to point 1 above.

What is the Affiliate Marketing?

Through affiliate marketing has become one of the most effective ways for these sites' content-driven "to generate profits without having to immediately offer it to guests. Only through banners, text and legal articles which explain the contents of its website that the products he likes and use.

for affiliate sites make more profits and for consumers to find information about the products they want without having to "look on their faces".

How does it work?

With the Affiliate Marketing, a merchant takes the contents of the site as their affiliate partners in the market to gain a commission. Trader provides advertising banners attached to them and determine the affiliate a commission for every click to their site, subscribe to their service (the leads / prospects to become kastamer), or buy their products resulting from the "link".

Affiliates place the tracking code these ads to be included in Web pages they are.

Whenever a visitor enters into affiliate site using this link to generate a "click-throughs, leads, or marketing of goods where transactions can be tracked online.

If a product or service debeli, then the customers pay directly, and get a commission on the transaction.

Why is effective!

Thousands of people around the world have used a Web site e-commerce enabled.

However, most do not have the time, patience or desire to win the competition in creating exclusive products from the beginning, studying every detail that there was to know about online advertising and e-commerce and then set up a website for sale.

People who like you busy and I have an alternative and a good opportunity in the affiliate business.

Because you can still have the great web site with content as much as you want and generate sales from abundant without passing through the competition to build your own product.

In addition, many products can you sell through affiliate programs already have a sales record that has been proven that a high-quality products that have sought the people.

Affiliate marketing success: based on desire!
Affiliate marketing, like any other type of marketing is the desire that you feel about the topic of the website you're awake.

If you really want to succeed with your affiliate programs to offer, then you need to build your market (place).

Main mistakes are what most affiliates sites is because they sell the product.

No way ... you did not want to sell products that you want is comfort them and build a website that will tell people about your passions, your interests and the things you love, you want to give them valuable information about the topic from the site you are collated and then inserted into the content and approve the product or service that you like and use.

You want your visitors know that you're trying to give them good information about topics that interest them (otherwise they would not be the first time your site).

And if you feel a great passion for the topic, then you'll be writing it ... and if you do, then people will feel that desire and will be excited, and it will be translated into marketing for you.

Writing about a product or service in the editorial content of your web site referred to as writing an advertorial (this term comes from combining the word "ad" and "editorial").

How to write a good advertorial.

Media channels such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers medukung products and services within the editorial content at any time.

Creating an advertorial is an easy thing, which you need to do is talk about a topic you want to give that will inform people about specific topics and slipped into a few words about a product or service that has helped achieve a wish your .

When people want to find a site like this, they mark it and then back again ... to find this site useful and entertaining.

mistake # 2 is done by the affiliate's website: Building a mall.

Mall is an idea in the world of "brick and mortar" (dig and closed). They provide a practical way to shop by placing a variety of shops in a building ... in this way, then you do not have to ride around town looking for a specific product.

But the case is different on the internet! Here, you do not need around looking for a certain place ... it all just by clicking your mouse!

If you are on a web site that is not valuable to you, wrap it with banners and sell out there: from shoes to computers, even to the practical joke is ... click "Back" on your browser and you have been out. You are not going to buy there, right?

But to be some rather strange reason, people think you are going to build this site.

You should not fall into it! You want to go to only three or four affiliate programs that relate to your topic of interest and build a web site that supports these products

Tips for building a good advertorial site.

The first thing you need to learn is working in your site.

Advertorial not seem to come from an outside source - like a banner ad (that's why banner ads are not running).

Banners and external sources to sell and people do not like to sell ... at least not from a site you have.

If they sold, they will soon go and you will lose them forever.

An advertorial is not a salesletter, so do not get caught.

A good advertorial is good information to encourage your guests to something that you perceive as a desire.

You want to join affiliate programs (advertising) into the context of what you're doing. If you do not want it coming like other affiliate sites ... it will not make money!

Of course you do not want your site dikatagorikan like that, right?

There is a good rule to balance your advertorial web site:

Rules 80-20.

This means that the content of your website must have at least 80% of information of value and only 20% (or less) the contents of its sales.

This is not a definite rule, but if you follow it, then your website will not lose his balance and fell into the category of online mall-bad. =)

Now let us look at some tips you should know when thinking about joining the affiliate programs and products, what can be sold from your site.

How to choose to join the affiliate program.

A practical guide that is very good: People are not buying from an affiliate site, but they buy it from you!

If you create a good desire in your room, then mereaka will trust you and from that trust will emerge purchase.

Do you have begun to see that your website is really important? Trust you are really at stake!

Not everyone did this, but my advice is if you're thinking about which programs you want to join and what products will be Endorse ... tell the people about the products you trust and use.

In this way, you can really tell them about the product first hand.

If you do not do this, then you can be what you're advertising is useless.

Thus your image will fall and the trust you have built will be lost. I'm sure you know that trust is something that can only be found once.
A good advertorial site "focused" on building trust, providing good information tires talking about the products great.

This is done by me-to-you, no injections (no-hype), directly. If you hold and understand this concept, then you win half the battle affiliate!

Remember this
People are not buying from an affiliate site, but from you!

Now did you know that you are a business built on trust, then let's talk about how to build trust from your visitors and how to make them than just a friend to be your kastamer. The real secret ...

Build an opt-in list of your own (a newsletter or ezine).

Having a list of in-house opt-in is one of the valuable assets of the business you have. You want to start your own list by offering an ezine or newsletter free of charge ...

or maybe you want to have the name of your guests and your e-mail them so you can communicate with their regular course and build your confidence slowly.

Some people try to offer you a free report that will be sent to them with an autoresponder.

This method can sometimes work, but you do not want permission to contact the guests only once, is not it? ... You want full permission to speak with them and be their friend.

Only with a steady relationship with a list of your course, then you will get confidence from them. Providing good information to them will make them see you as an expert on the subject and will earn their trust.

Once they trust you as an expert, then they would be happy to buy products you recommend (Eventually you'll become an expert).

And if you keep giving good information to them and treat them like kastamer you, then they will return to buy products and services you offer.

That's the real value of your business.

When a user visits your web site, he will look through for 8-15 seconds.

And if your site caught her attention, then he will stay there for about 3 to 5 minutes ... not a long time, right?

Certainly not enough time to gain trust someone and mejual something to him.

If asked for permission and e-mail address they are something important, then you can follow up and build credibility.

A good way to motivate them is to give a freebie (like sebua e-book or a special report).

You must tell them that if they want to get an item free of charge, then they will get an e-book and a free subscription to your newsletter.

Once they enter into your list, contact them regularly so they always remember you.

If my business is closed now, leaving only one thing in my business, so I will not take my site or my products, I will take my list!

By having it will help me to start a new business in the future and make money quickly.

You can not replace the trust people with everything!

Once you start building an opt-in list you personally, then you should always remember something:

Give the user valuable information and useful. Many list owners make mistakes because they only send messages only to the sale of their subscription.

Sell! Sell! SELL! That's all they think. Remember that kepercayaanlah they want, not their money.

If (only after) you can earn their trust, then it is because they feel comfortable buying from you ... not before.


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